Rand Paul Laughably Attacked Over Obamacare, Who’s Behind It?

May 13, 2015—In a panic over Rand Paul’s consistent ascendancy to presidential politics, the neocons and their default lackeys are desperately constructing a conspiracy theory to discredit Paul’s anti-Obamacare bonafides.

Over the past couple weeks, the right-wing blogosphere has lit up with charges against the Kentucky senator, the only presidential contender to best Hillary Clinton in a swing state poll and who is planning another filibuster against extending the Patriot Act.

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Their bone to pick with Rand Paul is about a vote against a subpoena effort of fellow Republican senator, David Vitter of Louisiana. It’s worth noting Vitter is also running for governor and has Paul’s endorsement.

What happened was Senator Vitter, as chairman of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, used his position to push an agenda he has failed to accomplish otherwise the past two years. Vitter’s drawn out crusade is against the health care subsidies to congressional staff. His tactics have been more about presenting a public image though, and that’s part of the reason why so many of his Republican colleagues blocked his moves to subpoena documents showing exactly who signed up for what Obamacare coverage in Congress.

The flailing attacks against Rand Paul are obviously not actually about this whole Vitter spectacle. It’s about his continued rise on the presidential scene despite his national security views. Just look up who’s been writing the attacks on Paul:
• Randy DeSoto at Western Journalism says “Rand Paul’s answers don’t make sense.” To him. DeSoto finds time to write stories like “GOP Insiders: Cruz Presidential Campaign Expanding Base, ‘Hitting on a Lot of Cylinders'” when he’s not spreading conspiracy theories about Rand Paul (more on that below). DeSoto also takes the default neocon position against the Iran nuclear deal talks.
• Peter Roff’s headline at US News & World Report “Helping Congress Hide the Truth” isn’t the first time he’s twisted facts to strike a low blow. Roff called those who booed Ted Cruz for divisively grandstanding about Israel at an international Christian conference anti-semites. And shocker, Roff toes the neocon line on the Iran nuclear deal talks.
• Ken Hoagland who wrote an opinion piece for Fox News rails against Iran nuclear deal on his Twitter account. Not in any way more original than the other myna birds listed above.
• Brendan Bordelon’s written extensively on this subject for National Review. Bordelon keeps up with Rand Paul with an element of passive aggression. From the Cuba embargo to the contentious CNBC interview, Bordelon is there. And he is the one who made everyone look (look!) at how slow Rand Paul clapped for Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress.

Here’s the dishonest attack ad (promoted by Brendan Bordelon) running in Iowa, where Paul is beating Clinton in the polls (something neocons can’t be happy about):

And there are plenty more attacking Paul. Google around for yourself and you’ll see that besides ostensibly being upset over the Vitter failure, it’s the Iran issue that unites the misfiring right-wing critics against him.

The loudest voice, however, is radio talker Mark Levin. He goes on for 10 minutes here, and at one point says Paul is blackmailing people.

Puh-lease! This is Mark Levin, the guy who will find any reason to attack Rand Paul. In 2012, Levin was so sure that Ron Paul would run a third party candidacy that he threatened Rand Paul over it! Listen to the derp:

Meanwhile, Rand Paul keeps winning. Here he is today on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer:

Is Rand Paul the biggest threat to neoconservatism in the Republican Party? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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