WATCH: 5 Other Offensive Things Gavin McInnes Said and Did

May 15, 2015—Gavin McInnes is outraging the internet this week with comments he made on a Fox News panel. Watch:

McInnes is being referred to as a “Fox News guest” as if people aren’t familiar with him or his views. Well, if that’s the case, that’s a problem. McInnes is provocative but that’s not what upsets people. More so it’s his ability to make people think.

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Watch these next five videos and see if you don’t question your own preconceived notions:

5. In response to a story about an unemployed surfer abusing the food stamps program, McInnes questions the whole premise of food stamps. Who isn’t abusing welfare and food stamps?

4. Gavin McInnes doesn’t just appear on Fox News. And he is more than just Gavin. Here he is portraying a leftist caricature and egging on his interview subjects to justify looting. The last answer shocks even him:

3. So what’s his deal? Well, he’s a conservative. Kind of:

2. Perhaps McInnes’s best stuff is from appearing on Fox News’s Red Eye. Here he is breaking down the origin of “up-talking”:

1. But what’s the most offensive thing Gavin McInnes has ever said? This attack on Ron Paul! (OK, it’s pretty funny):

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