FIFA Busted: Who Could Have Seen This One Coming?

May 27, 2015—And you thought deflategate was a scandal! Check out FIFA.

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I guess some dictatorships are FIFA_WC-qualification_2014_-_Austria_vs_Faroe_Islands_2013-03-22_82more corrupt, certainly the ISIS is but when it comes to the world of big business there is nothing worse than FIFA. In case you don’t know who FIFA is, it is the biggest sports organization in the world. It is bigger than the Olympics. It dwarfs every sport in America. It is in fact bigger than all US major sports combined.

On Wednesday in simultaneous raids in both Switzerland and the United States, it indicted more than a dozen high ranking officials for everything from bid rigging, to accepting prostitution for their votes in the 2018 and 2022 FIFA tournaments to be held in Qatar and Russia.

Qatar is totally a fraud.

Think about this bid.

It was awarded to a country that had no stadiums to host it. The country cannot host the games in the summer because of the climate, so they are moving them to the winter. A country the size of Connecticut with a population of two million needs to build 12 high-tech stadiums and the infrastructure to support them at a cost of over $200 billion! That is $100,000 per person to host the games. If they cost that much to do it in the US, the games would have cost $32 trillion!

It’s just nuts!

Why would Russia want to host the games after the financial disaster of Sochi? That mess cost Putin $51 billion when the price of oil was near $100 a barrel. How much do you think it would cost with oil at $58 a barrel?

They rejected the US bid because they felt that we didn’t have the proper facilities to host the games. It doesn’t matter that the US has 50 stadiums that could host the games and meet FIFA standards and that the entire infrastructure is in place. FIFA decided to give the games to places that have nothing going for them.

Who could suspect that there was any graft involved?

In total, the officials are accused of pocketing over $150 million for their votes. By bank standards that is chump change, but in the world of sports it is very big.

Where does the buck stop on this one?

You would think the organization is corrupt to the top and Sepp Blatter who has run FIFA as his fiefdom for the past 17 years was not named in any of the indictments. But if he asked me for my advice, I would tell him to get a good criminal attorney!

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