Grading Rand Paul on the Issues

Civil Liberties and Inalienable Rights
Again, Rand Paul is Rand_Paul_official_portrait_112th_Congress_alternatespreading more of those good, old fashioned American principles. Every American is born with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and once again Rand Paul is deferring to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers on where he stands when it comes to personal liberties and limited government. He even has a link to download a PDF copy of the Supreme Law of Our Land on his official website. But is it all talk? So far, like his PATRIOT Act filibuster, he’s walking the walk. But how far is he willing to go?

I’m going to give Rand Paul one point for bringing up the United States Constitution again when it comes to our rights and liberty. The more we look to the principles upon which we created our nation, the more we’ll find how far, as a nation, we have allowed ourselves to stray.

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Education and Energy
Rand Paul also wants Rand_Paul_2013_CPAC_by_Gage_Skidmoreto reduce the scope of the federal government’s dictation on how American children ought to be educated. For me, personally, I do not see public schools as public institutions of education but as government institutions of indoctrination. Call me crazy, but I’ve been of that opinion ever since my own high school principal told me, to my face, in his office, that the tardy and truancy system (and getting detention for being tardy or truant too many times) was to “teach” me how to be on time for work. Blatant corporatism!

The fact that Senator Paul believes parents should be able to freely choose how their children get their education, regardless of format, is inspiring because if we accept the notion that the government has the final say on how our own children learn, then I can only refer you to a history book and open to the chapters about Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. When it comes to energy, though, Rand Paul once again says that the federal government should not have so much regulation and red tape preventing the people from innovating and allowing the free market to help us advance and create alternate sources of fuel and energy. Sadly, he’s also another one of those politicians that supports the Keystone XL pipeline, which if it creates any jobs at all would only be temporary ones at that, and the pipeline as a whole will only benefit the Canadian oil market. Its not American oil that damn thing will be transporting to Texas for refinement! And if it is built, once its complete, what’ll happen to all those truck drivers currently hauling oil from Canada down to Texas and elsewhere? They won’t be transporting Canadian oil anymore, that’s for sure.

Two points for Rand for promising to reduce education and energy regulation, but minus one for his support of the KXL. One point total here.

The National Debt and Social Security
Here’s another issue that Rand_Paul_at_Louisville_forum_by_Gage_SkidmoreSenator Paul has taken up that many of us Americans are very concerned about. Not only are we tired of the broken promises from Washington, D.C., to balance the budget and reduce the deficit, but we’re also concerned about the future of the Social Security program. Personally, I wish I could opt out of it. With an $18 trillion dollar debt, the government obviously can’t manage its finances better than I could my own! He has acknowledged that the years of wasteful spending has contributed to the shortfalls of our social security program, so if he is determined to reverse our national debt and balance the budget, then he will surely be able to save Social Security for future generations, even if I ultimately do not get to opt out.

Two more points for Rand Paul. I may not like Social Security, or agree with it, but if we can stop our wasteful spending and undo the damage being caused by the national debt then I don’t see a reason to get rid of it.

Criminal Justice Reform
Senator Paul has worked across the aisle to reform our unjust court system with various pieces of legislation such as the REDEEM Act, the Justice Safety Valve Act, the Civil Rights Voting Restoration Act, the RESET Act, the FAIR Act, and has even referred to MLK when it comes to his hope to finally tear down the wall between the “two Americas” so that we may finally be a nation where all men are not just equal but treated that way as well. This is where I’m a little bit confused. He wants to tear down an imaginary wall that has socially segregated Americans but wants to build a physical fence along our border? Regardless, you can do a Google search or go to Wikipedia to learn more about the bills I listed. Rand Paul has also conveniently provided them at his official campaign website as well.

Another point for Rand on addressing another issue we all know needs to be discussed.

Abortion and the Second Amendment
When it comes to abortion, as a physician, Rand Paul adheres to the principle of “Do no harm”. Medicine and health care is about saving and healing life, not ending it before it begins. The Declaration of Independence dictates that government is supposed to protect the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but in the Constitution, the federal government obviously has no say so when it comes to abortion. Now, this doesn’t mean that the states or local governments wouldn’t have any say, which is what the 9th and 10th Amendments were for. And if the federal government has no business with regards to whom we sleep with or get married to, then how does it have any authority when it comes to procreation? The federal government should not be involved in any individual person’s choices! As for the 2nd Amendment, Rand Paul has vowed to uphold the entire Bill of Rights, and I applaud him for that, as he once again defers to the Constitution, like we should be doing, and has gone that extra step to consider the 2nd Amendment the most important to protect. Without it, how can we defend the rest of the Bill of Rights from being infringed upon?

Two more points for his stance on limited government.

Okay, so for sixteen issues I have listed and described, I’m giving Rand Paul a total of twelve points. For a score of twelve out of sixteen. That’s pretty good, even though I did not cover all of the issues he has expressed his positions on. But that’s just the way I’ve scored him on where he and I can both agree. Sometimes compromise is necessary, just like government. However, when it infringes upon the rights of the people, a line must be drawn. He’s not perfect, but he is keeping his oath to uphold and defend the United States Constitution. Any man or woman that bases their platform on that document is worth listening to. And definitely worth voting for. And that, in my opinion, means Rand Paul is NOT the “lesser of two evils.”

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