The Wrench in the Washington Machine

June 1, 2015—At 12:01AM on Monday, key provisions of the Patriot Act which allowed for bulk data collection by the NSA expired.

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This is not a one-shot victory, however it is a stride in the right direction. Thanks to a few key Senators, particularly Rand Paul, the surveillance state is a little bit weaker today.

The USA Freedom Act, gear-192875_1280a reformed version of the Patriot Act which most libertarians would say does not change the policies enough, could be voted on as early as this week. Although this bill could likely pass, amendments are still on the table.

Also, regardless of whether or not the surveillance state survives this particular blow, there is a lot to be said for Sunday’s session of Congress. There is a lot to be said about how one Senator almost single-handedly brought Congress to its knees.

This is why each vote, letter, phone call, and petition is important. All it takes is a few of the right people elected into office to start turning the tide.

So while this is not an all out victory, the battle still rages on. The following weeks could reinstate the bulk data collection, or be a final nail in the surveillance state coffin. But for now, your phone calls are your own business.

What should be the next step to taking on the Washington machine? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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