2 to 3 People Shot Dead By Police Daily

June 5, 2015—Police have shot and killed no less than 385 people across America so far this year. That’s according to the Washington Post which found the FBI’s figures to be way too low, less than half of the Post’s more accurate number.

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By the end of the year, the police will have shot dead 950 people if the current rate holds steady. That’s an average of 2.6 people killed by police daily.

Half the time, the police are being called out to solve a complex social dispute such as a domestic violence threat, a suicide threat, or a homeless person is being a nuisance.

Of the 385 dead this year:
• 49 were unarmed while 13 only had a toy gun. Two-thirds of those unarmed were black or Latino.
• About 25 percent of those killed were mentally ill.
• Blacks were killed three times more than other races when taking into context census population figures of where shootings occurred.

Less than one percent of these killings end up with the officer facing charges. And these are only cases involving police shootings, so cases like Freddie Gray wouldn’t be included.

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