Al Qaeda Stops Islamic State With US Weapons…Yay?

June 9, 2015—The Islamic State’s advance into northern Syria toward the border of Turkey has been halted by the US and al Qaeda.

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It’s OK, you can read that again. Thanks to…the US and al Qaeda…the Islamic State suffered setbacks this past weekend in and near the Syria-Turkey border town of Azaz.

The Islamic State’s plans to capture Azaz, Syria with a truck-driving suicide bomber were somehow known by the al Qaeda-linked rebels who then fired a US-produced missile at the truck. Here’s the video posted to Facebook:

#الفرقة_13 لواء المهام الخاصة تدمير دبابة لقوات داعش بصاروخ تاو على جبهة صوران — البل

Posted by ‎تركمان بارح الحدث-البديلة‎ on Friday, June 5, 2015

Azaz is part of a route from Turkey to Syria that supplies weapons and humanitarian aid to rebels. For some reason, the US sees that as a line not to allow the Islamic State to cross, while also defending the al Qaeda-allied rebels position there. The US is accusing the Syrian government of supporting the Islamic State, so maybe that makes it all right.

The British monitor of the Syrian civil war is the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, and they just reported the latest death toll: 230,618 people dead in Syria since 2011 due to the fighting. That includes 11,493 children and 7,371 women. Last month, 6,657 were killed, mostly government and rebel forces. But the total dead could be much higher, because 20,000 have disappeared after being arrested, 9,000 are in government detention, and no less than 4,000 prisoners are held by the Islamic State.

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