Dear Politicians, Stop Using Dead People to Push Your Positions

June 21, 2015—This should not have to be said but unfortunately it does. Liberals use mass shootings as ways to push gun control and neo-conservatives use most every world event as an excuse for unnecessary foreign intervention.

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Now, I can see colladgedtalking about events while they are current but for goodness sake, respect the dead and their families, and at least give them some time to breathe.

This was seen most recently in South Carolina when President Obama and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley used the tragic Charleston Church shooting to push for heavier gun control. I am most certainly happy they gave their condolences because they have positions of power as president and someone running for president, I am sure the families affected very much appreciated the kind words. However, I think it the same way that it is slimy to hit on women at funerals as I think it is very sleazy to push legislation after largely emotional events.

In both scenarios the person hitting on the woman or hitting up the American people for support are hoping people will think with their heart and not their mind. This is in my opinion a highly dishonest technique because it makes people overlook the facts for the picture painted by the man or the politician. I mean what guy is going to look like a douche at to a woman that is morning at their grandfather’s funeral? At the same degree what politician is going to look like a bad guy after calling out against the tool that helped commit a crime (regardless if it had a choice in the matter)?

In the Bible it speaks out against this one stop decision making approach. In Proverbs 19:2 it says “Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes.” (NLT)

Sure we could ban citizens owning all guns and hope it would reduce violence, but that is straight enthusiasm lacking any knowledge. It makes the assumption that bad guys are the only ones to use guns. However when you dig into the actual data it proves the opposite to be true. That in fact as many as 2.5 million Americans per year use guns to defend themselves. Even the most hardcore liberal anti-gun pushers will only claim 34 Americans a day are killed by gun violence, but when you break down my last statistic it turns out 6,850 Americans a day are saved from some kind of force thanks to guns. So if you take the natural right to defense as an argument out of the picture for a second even populists should push for less gun control since it seems a well armed citizenry is much safer than one that cannot defend itself. For only 0.5% of the population are hurt by guns compared to helped by guns with this statistic. But even if you multiplied the “34 Americans killed by guns per day” by 50 to try to do an off the cuff comparison and account for Americans injured by guns you would still only see the number of Americans hurt by guns compared to helped by guns to be 1 in 4 or only 25%.

Now, I’m not saying those 34 people’s lives are meaningless, but what makes their lives more valuable than 6,850 people’s? Also what makes one think that gun control would prevent massacres like the one in Charleston? We all know Cain killed Abel with a rock and modern day terrorist have used fertilizer for bombs. And I don’t believe for one second the invention of guns in one bit changed the human nature but just gave sick individuals another way to terrorize others. However it at the same time gave all people a means to defend themselves. At CPAC I met a top writer at who told me she gets death threats often for her political opinions. She wants to buy a gun because she understands many men are stronger than her but a gun is a great equalizer to that and can help her defend herself.

See this is what King Solomon (the wisest man to ever live) meant when he wrote Proverbs 19:2 with the divine inspiration from the Almighty. We can all rush to great points but if we do not look at them in terms of reality and what is really happening then we are bound to make mistakes.

See this is why regardless of the person’s politics I think we should all be leery of someone who is pushing a quick one time decision. Whether it be the salesman who wants you to buy without giving you all the facts, Nancy Pelosi with Obamacare, Paul Ryan with Obamatrade or President Obama himself with gun control. Our republic was not one that was built by men who made hasty decisions, however, if we allow it, our republic will be torn down by men making hasty decisions.

P.S. It is also incredibly rude to use people’s death to push legislation.

Why do you think pandering works so well? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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