From a Southerner

“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending to much liberty than those attending too small of a degree of it.”
—Thomas Jefferson

July 2, 2015—As an eighth generation South Carolinian, I believe we must never forgot that 675,000 Americans died in the War of Northern Aggression.


Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.35.09 AMSouth Carolina gave the ultimate sacrifice as it lost a quarter of its population. My ancestors died defending their homes and families. They were part of the 95 percent of Southerners who never owned any slaves. To them and the majority of Southerners, the war was about the infringement of their rights being further pushed with legislation like the Morrill Tariff, which raised the cost of goods and made life even harder especially for poor Southerners.

Then on the 5th of August, 1861, Lincoln passed the first federal income tax, imposing more confiscation of property on all Americans. But Southerners resisted all of this. History is always written by the victors, so slavery is said to be the main reason for the war, but for me and the descendants of 95 percent of Southerners whose ancestors didn’t own slaves, fighting against an invasion was their reason for defending their homes and lives. The Confederate Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia which flies at a Confederate memorial on our statehouse grounds is a reminder that the South stood against big government and fought just as Washington and Jefferson against King George.

It is unfortunate that a maniac killed nine of our brothers and sisters in Christ in Charleston, but guns and Southern heritage should not be blamed for the actions of a madman. If we are going to truly be free Americans, we must hold individuals responsible for their actions and not the rest of society.

Do you think Southerners are treated unfairly in the Confederate flag debate? Comment below!

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