6 Occupy Protestors Split $333K Over Police Pepper Spray Abuse

July 6, 2015—Victims of seneless police abuse from the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement will collect $332,500 in total according to the Associated Press. A viral video of the incident was one of the first impressions of the movement on the internet and conventional media.

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The video shows NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna pepper spraying mostly young women who were just standing inside a makeshift pen manned by other NYPD officers. Between $52,500 to $60,000 is going to each of the victims: Kaylee Dedrick, Damien Crisp, Kelly Hanlin, Julie Lawler, Chelsea Elliot, and Jeanne Mansfield. Here’s another view of the incident:

New York City previously settled other Occupy cases. $583,000 went to 14 protesters over wrongful arrests. $230,000 is being paid out by NYC and the owner of Zuccotti Park for destruction of a book collection during a police clearing operation and $55,000 went to a man who was arrested for video recording.

Was this decision fair to the city, the police, and the Occupy protestors? Comment below!

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