The Rand Paul Sweet Spot: Hitting Hillary and the Hawks

July 8, 2015—Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) hit the sweet spot today in a Fox News Channel segment on the arming of Benghazi and Syria rebels. Paul remained presidential as he called rival Hillary Clinton a liar and blamed the “hawks in my party” for leading a “huge foreign policy mistake.”

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Paul cited a recent report by Fox News’s Catherine Herridge which revealed more evidence then-Secretary of State Clinton pushed to arm Syrian rebels through Benghazi. Paul remarked:

“Even more than her dishonesty, we need to recognize and debate, Was it a good idea to give weapons to people allied with al Qaeda, ISIS, and al Nusra, with radical jihadists? We are now at war against people who are killing and chopping the heads off Americans and Christians but these people were allies of those that we were giving weapons to. That was a huge foreign policy mistake that was led by Hillary Clinton and some hawks, frankly, in my party.”

This style of rhetoric represents a slight shift for candidate Paul. Early on in his campaign, Paul seemed to have fun reacting to attacks (ridiculous as they are) on his foreign policy stances, referring to his critics as neocons. Now neocons are “hawks in my party” and Paul’s poise is more presidential. Is this the sweet spot for Paul that will boost him above the crowded fray?

Last month Rand Paul showed highly competitive poll numbers against Hillary Clinton in various key states, especially compared to other Republican challengers.

Here’s the televised version of the Benghazi news Rand Paul commented on:<noscript>Watch the latest video at <a href=””></a></noscript&gt;

Will Benghazi be Rand Paul’s winning issue in the Republican primary? Comment below!

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