Video Proves Ex-SWAT Cop Lied, Threatened to Break Teen’s Neck

“You’re just like your mother.
You’re a piece of f***ing s***. You little f****t.”

July 8, 2015—If policing is such a dangerous job, what’s with the constant examples of needless escalation by cops? Thanks to cell phone video, the most recent highlighted example is that of Dallas police officer Terigi Rossi.

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Rossi was once a Dallas SWAT member who appeared on cable channel A&E’s Dallas SWAT and was described as a “tireless worker.” Ironically, Rossi would eventually be fired from the SWAT team for sleeping on the job. Soon after he was back on patrol duty, something much worse happened. So why is he back on patrol duty in the same area?

Rossi and his patrol partner Stacy Ward encountered a woman and 14-year-old on a report of a 911 hang-up call. The woman’s car had been towed and she called, then hung up when she thought her conversation ended. All Rossi knew was that he heard the woman yell “shut up” at the boy, then leapt at the chance to handcuff her to further investigate. Rossi assumed the woman was the boy’s mother, but she was actually the step-mother.

At this point, the boy is taken by the officer and berated with curse words for no reason. The boy claims Rossi choked him with his arm, which is more believable than the officer’s claim the boy was crying and just needed some consoling. The video shows no distress on the part of the boy, except when the officer grabs him and tells him he’ll break his fucking neck. Rossi’s partner told investigators Rossi had his arm around the 14-year-old, but couldn’t hear any of the conversation.

Rossi called his words “verbal judo” and the threat a “verbal technique that I’ve used to try to calm down people or suspects in my career with no intention of ever meaning the words I say.”

That’s some logic. Works well when you have a public employee union behind you.

Rossi lied in his report and he lied to the boy’s face. But it’s only because the 14-year-old thought quickly enough to video record his encounter. Rossi told the boy both he and the woman would be going to jail “no matter what”, but once a supervisor arrived, everyone was released with no charges. Rossi was suspended, but is back at the same exact job.

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