You’re On Your Own: What Police Officers Say About a Collapse

July 20, 2015—Police officer Jack Waller is on the Prepper Recon Podcast today to tell us what police officers discuss around the water cooler. In short, it isn’t pretty.

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As public servants who FreddieGrayPrecinctProtest.jpghave been witnessing the steady decline of American’s social fabric, they have a unique perspective into what the dark days ahead may look like. Many large municipalities have never recovered financially from the 2008 debt bubble and are still running public services, such as police and fire, on skeleton staffs. Another economic downturn could leave local law enforcement agencies without funding to keep the streets safe.

Aside from the economic threats, police officers are now hesitant to do their jobs because of fear of prosecution. This new phenomenon is called the Ferguson effect. Yes, the headlines are filled with police officers who have overstepped their boundaries or outright abused their authority. When they go unpunished, it is a travesty for justice and delegitimizes the public’s view of the rule of law. However, as a society, we have to use level headed discernment. When police officers screw up, they should be held to a higher level of punishment that is commensurate with the trust they have violated. But, when they perform their job by the book, we must stand behind them and show our appreciation. Without the risks taken by police, our streets would quickly descend into chaos.

As a final caveat, Officer Waller informs us of our need to be ready to defend ourselves. He shares the conversation of his colleagues who say they will be unable to keep the peace in the event of an economic meltdown. The riots in Ferguson and Baltimore are both examples of situations where no amount of police could contain the situation. That same level of civil unrest could break out nationally as our entire society is becoming a tinderbox in search of a match.

What do you think will happen during the next economic downturn? Comment below!

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