Ron Paul Harangues Paul Krugman in Epic Video Message

July 31, 2015—Ron Paul knows how to turn a negative into a positive. Archrival Paul Krugman called Ron Paul a crank, racist, and “old man” in a recent New York Times column, and just as Rudy Giuliani experienced eight years ago, Paul fought back and ends up on top.

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“I want to go into some charts now, because I know professors like charts,” Paul says a little more than halfway into his remarks. Paul attests that it’s the failure of Keynesian economics that has driven Krugman to spend so much time on attacking him.

Despite the cause, it’s good to see Ron Paul in this element where his points cut like knives. Paul and Krugman collided on television back in 2012:

And just for good measure, here’s the classic Ron Paul moment in 2007 Republican primary debate in South Carolina:

Do you think Paul Krugman would ever debate Ron Paul in a formal setting? Comment below!

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