America’s Serfdom Society — The Libertarian Angle

August 3, 2015—On this week’s episode of The Libertarian Angle, Future of Freedom Foundation president Jacob Hornberger talks about the “spate of killings” at the hands of police.

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Hornberger acknowledges the bigotry expressed against black people, but also recognizes a general perception in all interactions with the cops:

“You get pulled over by a cop who talks to you abusively or screams and yells at you for committing a traffic offense. In other words, they treat you like you were one of their servants, they talk to you in an abusive fashion. And we’ve all become accustomed to this, because, you see, we’re inculcated with the notion that the cops or government officials in this society are the masters and the people are the servants. So they give the orders and we’re expected to comply, and you can see the mindset of many of the police is ‘You follow my orders!’

Are Americans becoming more like serfs in a police state? Comment below!

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