Rand Paul Helps Send Senate Home, Stalls CISA Vote

August 5, 2015—The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) was feared by privacy advocates to be passed today. Fortunately, Senator Rand Paul held up the process, forcing the Senate to wait until after its month-long recess ends on September 8 to readdress the bill.

From the Washington Times:ldjfgre

Delays were imminent, however, because Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., was insisting on amendments that were unrelated to the legislation. One Paul provision would require an outside audit of the Federal Reserve. Another would strip federal funding of sanctuary cities.

Paul continued to push for his amendments, according to those close to the negotiations, and will get at least one vote on an amendment when the bill comes up in the fall.

Also known as S. 754, CISA is considered “a surveillance bill in disguise” by Stop CISA, a group sending faxes to Congress to express its opposition to the “stuck in 1984” legislation.

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In addition to CISA, the Senate will also be voting on extending government spending beyond September 30, the Iran nuclear deal, and a comprehensive funding bill for highways and transportation.

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