‘Combative Stance’ a Lame Excuse for 3-on-1 Police Brutality

August 17, 2015—And you thought college liberals were sensitive. Madison County Police claim they were triggered into attacking a man in custody because of his “combative stance” which the video reveals consisted of nothing more than eye contact.

“You need to drop the *** attitude alright?” taunted an officer standing in John Hanson’s blind spot. Just as Hanson replied, “I ain’t dropping no **** attitude,” the same officer shoved Hanson by the throat. Then two other officers joined in on the attack, punching and tasing Hanson.

As a result of police brutality, Hanson suffered a shoulder injury that left him in the hospital for four days. Now he’s suing the jail in federal court for pain and suffering and expenses.

Is there a more lame excuse than this for police brutality? Comment below!

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