Dire Warning Signs of the Next Economic Collapse

August 17, 2015—Prophetic voices like those of Jonathan Cahn and Mark Biltz have been sounding the alarm that this fall could bring catastrophic events. Secular analysts like Martin Armstrong and David Morgan have also been predicting massive economic turmoil beginning in September or October. Whether or not you chose to put stock in their caveats, the lights are flashing red.

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The Chinese stock financial-crisis-544944_1280market is cratering, despite unprecedented intervention by the government. China has restricted the sale of securities and devalued the yuan. Both measures have done nothing to stem the tide of falling prices.

In the US, we are consistently setting new records for people no longer in the labor force. People who have completely quit looking for work and are no longer receiving unemployment benefits is quickly approaching 94 million. Commodity prices are tumbling, just like they did right before the crash in 2008.

Those that ignore the warnings may do so at their own peril. In today’s show, I plead with listeners to quit procrastinating and to start preparing for dark days ahead. If we see the types of chaos other countries have witnessed in severe economic collapses, you’ll need to be well stocked with food. Both because of the levels of resource scarcity triggered by such events and because of the lack of social cohesion.

Coupon Prepper joins me for a full hour to provide suggestions on what you can do right now to get prepared for the chaos on the horizon. We talk about what types of foods to store, how to store them and the best places to purchase your long term storage food. Many items can be purchased right from your local grocery. Please, don’t miss this important broadcast.

What do you think is the best way to prepare? Comment below!

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