Rand Pauluses & Minuses Podcast: Is There a Rand Paul Randspiracy?


August 20, 2015—In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, host Marc Clair welcomes back our resident Rand Paul analyst Brian McWilliams for another edition of “Rand Pauluses and Minuses!”, where we discuss the comings and goings of the quasi-libertarian Presidential candidate and rate them on our very scientific “Paulus” or “Minus” scale.

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They start off by randpaulbitcoin-350x196.jpgtouching on Rand’s debate performance, his exchange with Chris Christie, and the seeming media bias against anyone with the last name “Paul.” Marc and Brian then delve into the realm of conspiracy, and wonder whether the timing of the Jesse Benton indictment had any political motive.

They then discuss the biggest endorsement Rand has received to date yet, that of course being the endorsement of his own father, the “Godfather” of the modern liberty movement, Ron Paul. The conspiracy theories creep back in once again as Marc and Brian discuss their various theories regarding why Dr. Paul endorsed Rand when he did. They touch on Rand’s trip to Haiti for pro-bono eye surgeries, the effectiveness of Rand’s strategy of attacking Donald Trump, a potential change in Kentucky’s election law to benefit Rand, and yes, even more conspiracies.

Whether a Rand lover, hater, or on-the-fencer, be sure to check out this #Randspiracy edition of Rand Pauluses and Minuses!

Full show notes can be found at Lions of Liberty.

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