Can Marijuana Fight Obesity?

August 24, 2015—It seems that every day scientists find a new use for cannabis. And as states and foreign nations begin looking at marijuana laws under a different light, more entrepreneurs take the opportunity to use the plant for new purposes.

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According to a study by belly-2354_1920-e14404378518511the Conference of Quebec University Health Centers, the use of marijuana has been statistically associated with lower body mass index, suggesting that there’s a correlation between individuals who use marijuana and their body mass and insulin levels. The paper was published in 2014 by The Obesity Society.

Analysts researched data from 786 Inuit adults age 18 to 74 who lived in the Arctic region. Since cannabis use was highly prevalent in the study population, researchers had a great opportunity to observe reactions linked to cannabis use. According to the study’s conclusion, “cannabinoids from cannabis may be viewed as an interesting avenue for research on obesity and associated conditions.”

GW Pharmaceuticals has already begun the process of taking this information to the next level and is now developing a new treatment for type 2 diabetes. GW is studying tetrahydrocannabivarin, a cannabinoid that appears to reduce fasting plasma glucose levels, improving beta-cell function.

If regulation allows it, GW’s efforts could help a great number of other entrepreneurs and medical professionals looking into developing better solutions to obesity and other health problems.

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