Innocent Brazilian Man Tortured, Injured by Police Over Drugs

August 27, 2015—The drug war has been unmanageable for a long time, not only in the United States.

According to El Pais, a 62-year-old working man from D’Ávilla, a municipality that is located outside of Salvador, in the state of Bahia, Brazil was tortured by police officers who accused the man of being a drug trafficker.

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During the torture session, officers allegedly introduced the end of a broom inside the man’s anus.

According to 17586474683_d08a67bf6e_o-1-e1440705865834 a report produced by the Internal Affairs department of the Bahia State Military Police, the victim was tortured inside his own home. Despite his protests and claims regarding his profession, officers tortured the elderly man for an hour and a half. Police reportedly arrived at his address after allegedly torturing a drug addict.

Instead of taking the 62-year-old to the police department after the torture session, officers took $200 in Brazilian money, which was all he had, and left.

The man had no records with the police and was never formally accused of committing any crime in the past. After the occurrence, the man contacted the State Military Police’s Internal Affairs unit to report the abuse.

The man’s injuries were inspected by doctors appointed by the military. The doctors’ report shows the Bahia resident had injuries to his wrists, shoulders, jaw, and knees. He also sustained severe laceration injuries in the anal region. Military Judge Paulo Roberto Santos called for the officers arrest after reviewing the documents produced by Internal Affairs. After identifying the perpetrators, the officers were taken into the Military Police custody.

Investigators checked the GPS history in the police officers’ car and found that the accused officers had traveled to the man’s home on the day of the incident.

Officers now under arrest include Lieutenant Isaias de Jesus Neves, and soldiers Marcos Silva Barbosa, Alexandro Andrade das Neves, and Carlos Eduardo de Sousa Torres.

According to Judge Santos, the call for the officers’ immediate arrest is a an “extreme and exceptional” measure that is “extremely necessary” for the criminal investigation at the time. He also expressed concerns related to the wrongly accused man’s freedom and safety.

The judge also said that the image of the police has been “seriously compromised” due to this incident. He denied the officers’ request for habeas corpus and said that the act allegedly committed by “law enforcers who are required by law to maintain public order and ensure social peace” is an infamous episode of police history.

The Department of Public Safety condemned the crime and called it a “case of aggression.” Along with the criminal process, the agency will open an administrative procedure to decide whether accused officers will keep their titles.

According to El Pais, this is not the first time Brazilian military police officers in Bahia abuse their powers. Earlier this year, nine police officers executed 12 people in the Cabula neighborhood in Salvador, Bahia.

Officers accused of committing the 12 murders were all exonerated.

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