Rand Paul App Lets Users Influence Votes and Campaign

September 2, 2015—Politics is much more art than science this presidential campaign cycle, but Senator Rand Paul may be upgrading the whole process with the launch of his new app.

“Rand Paul 2016,” available gty_paul_lb_150528_16x9_992for Android and iPhone, alerts users to upcoming votes and invites people to influence Paul’s positions. “What is your opinion of the Obama administration’s deal with Iran?” asks the app. No other presidential candidate has an app like this. From the Verge:

“If taken seriously, a populace politician — which the more libertarian Paul certainly is — could run on the promise of acting as a vessel for real-time democracy, making votes and decisions on behalf of the votes of those who elected them.

It sounds crazy, surely, but if there’s one takeaway from this election cycle, nothing is too strange to work — especially when, as in the case of Donald Trump, the strategy plays to the id of the American public.”

Users can donate, watch videos, get involved, and read news, but the real draws are the “meme-erator” and “photo booth” which empower users through social media to stand with Rand.

Do you think apps will make 2016 an election year like no other? Comment below!

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