Paul Krugman, Your Worst Nightmare is Real and It’s Coming

September 15, 2015—Mainstream economics will never be the same. That’s because Paul Krugman’s life is about to change. Soon his New York Times column will no longer only be fueling a big government agenda, but the very opposition Krugman hopes his readers will ignore.

The countdown is on.

Come September 30, 2015, the reckless prescriptions and prognostications of Krugman will not go unanswered. Enter Contra Krugman, a new weekly podcast from Austrian economist Bob Murphy and New York Times-best selling author Tom Woods. Check out their trailer:

While the trailer says, “The only thing worse than being wrong is being smug and wrong,” there is also the problem of being smug and right as Krugman was when he said, “fiat money, if you like, is backed by men with guns.”

Contra Krugman could become a blockbuster of a podcast, especially for economics fans, because it will reliably and responsibly address the myths behind and the unintended consequences ahead of Paul Krugman’s conclusions. Every week.

Previously, Murphy attempted to bait Krugman into debating him one-on-one. The stakes seemed to get higher and higher, at one time $100,000 was offered to the charity of Krugman’s choice if he accepted and won. Murphy’s publicity strategy made the effort worthwhile even though the debate never came to fruition:

Do you think Paul Krugman will have to take Austrian economics more seriously now? Comment below!

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