DEA Agents Deal Drugs, Party With Cartel Prostitutes

September 29, 2015—Hypocrisy and corruption are at the heart of the Drug War. And they’re on display in a Drug Enforcement Administration scandal surrounding at least 50 agents and superior enforcers.

An internal investigations review DEA_badge_C.jpgboard for the DEA recommended 50 agents for removal, but only 13 were fired. Some of those 13 returned to work after appeal. There are nearly 11,000 DEA employees, nearly half are special agents.

Dealing drugs, partying with drug cartel money and prostitutes, lying to authorities, and drunk driving were not job-costing offenses at the DEA. From USA Today:

“In one case listed on an internal log, the review board recommended that an employee be fired for ‘distribution of drugs,’ but a human resources official in charge of meting out discipline imposed a 14-day suspension instead. The log shows officials also opted not to fire employees who falsified official records, had an ‘improper association with a criminal element’ or misused government vehicles, sometimes after drinking.”

The DEA puts Americans behind bars for long periods of time if not a lifetime for some of these same activities. Earlier this year, a YouGov poll found 40% trusted the DEA “a fair amount” and 29% “not very much.”

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