War on Terror Propaganda to Target Women?

“Do you know the audience… is just like a woman. Someone who does not understand the intrinsically feminine character of the masses will never be an effective speaker. Ask yourself: ‘What does a woman expect from a man?’ Clearness, decision, power, and action. What we want is to get the masses to act. Like a woman, the masses fluctuate between extremes…. The crowd is not only like a woman, but women constitute the most important element in an audience. The women usually lead, then follow the children, and at last, when I have already won over the whole family – follow the fathers.” – Adolf Hitler, 1923

November 3, 2015—When 9/11 happened, everyone was told to blame socially backwards Muslim “extremists.” I was one of many who was inspired to join the military to defend all that is good about America.

Wanting to help things, Hillary_Clinton_April_2015I walked into a local Army recruiter’s office and, after some testing, was highly encouraged to join. Being sixteen at the time, it turned out that it was better to first finish high school. After watching our relations in Afghanistan and Iraq, my motivation to sign onto the travesties being committed there in the name of the War on Terror began to change.

I can speak for many men when I say that Muslims in caves on the other side of the world didn’t seem to be a very intimidating threat. It always seemed strange to me that people would be so afraid as to allow the people’s fleeting rights to be confiscated even faster because of a threat that comparatively makes even the Cold War seem like the end of days.

In 2015, Americans are told they are racist if they don’t embrace the importation of radical Muslims with wide open arms. Post-9/11, after Republicans made persecuting Muslims more mainstream and virtually acceptable, part of the Democratic agenda became creating a radical push in the opposite direction by condemning past mistakes and making discriminating against Muslims politically incorrect again. The Democratic agenda, however, simply aligns with the agenda of the global elite and the same crises and responses are being tried even harder throughout Europe. The previously-brewed hatred of Muslims is made as if it’s because of the color of their skin, which dodges the blatant, festering, open wound of an issue that is the fact that the Muslims criticized are radicalized by their religion and the western forces using them as pawns for their own gain.

ISIS is presently being used to destabilize the political leadership of the Middle East and Africa. It’s allowed to operate on social media, freely recruit and frighten westerners. Its armaments and funding – what makes it so threatening – is known to have come from the US government and its international criminal co-conspirators, such as France, Saudi Arabia and the UN. The acceptance of the term “moderate” radical Muslim is simply sickening, but no less sickening than when Russia bombed al Nusra’s (ISIS’, a.k.a. al Qaeda’s) main base in Syria and American war mongers not only defended the bombed al Qaeda forces, they threatened to start a much larger conflict with Russia for doing exactly what we should have been doing all along since 2001 if the War on Terror were truly more than a dark farce.

After a period of naive abandonment disguised as political correctness where we are told to accept the incoming radical Muslim culture, the same US and international powers that funded and supplied them with arms will begin to use them to destabilize the United States and it will be fully revealed that the joke has all along been not only on Middle Easterners and Africans but us, too. First, there needs to be a period of importation in which the public needs to be kept oblivious to the growing threat. Once that potential disaster has been fully crafted, the interests that made it happen will unleash a new, intensely heightened War on Terror on the home front, which will remove the remainder of our rights and any claim America once had to greatness.

Beyond the war mongers, most manly men still won’t be particularly intimidated by the men imported from dusty caves. The clash of civilizations, the gradual acceptance of Sharia law in districts, the increased rapes, the increased violence and the terror blooming on the television will, however, steer women to see the ongoing War on Terror as a necessity, instead of something contrived by the same powers who will present the value-confiscating, freedom-defeating pseudo-solutions that our bought and blackmailed Congress will sign into law without reasonable revision, contemplation and censure.

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