Ron Paul: to Obama the Constitution is Irrelevant

November 6, 2015—Prime Minister David Cameron was forced to halt his plans to expand UK’s air campaign in Syria earlier this week. The blow came in the form of a parliament report warning against Cameron’s plans. According to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, which is chaired by a parliamentarian from the Conservative Party, further military action should not be authorized until the international community is able to produce a realistic strategy against ISIS.

On Tuesday, the committee reported that “[i]n the absence of such a strategy, taking action to meet the desire to do something is still incoherent.”

To former congressman Ron-Paul-joins-Boom-Bust-to-talk-about-the-Fed-YouTube Ron Paul, the fact that the US Congress is incapable of forcing a vote on President Barack Obama’s plan to send troops to Syria while the UK parliament puts an end to Cameron’s plans is telling. By ignoring Congress and the Constitution, Obama’s expansion of the war in Iraq and Syria is illegal.

In his latest Liberty Report column, Paul reminds his readers that the constitution “is not a set of suggestions.” More than that, “the constitution is the law of the land.”

“If there’s ever been a law terribly abused by government, the authority to use military force after 9/11 is surely one of them,” says Paul. To the retired doctor, passing a resolution to curb the President’s authority to use military force in Syria is not enough at this point since he “personally wouldn’t feel much better because there is so much secrecy with the CIA and special forces.”

To Paul the issue is obvious: world powers have always rushed to go to war. And despite “the fact that the UN was established to bring peace in the world, one of their very first actions was to give authority for war in Korea,” a decision that costs American taxpayers to this day.

Unfortunately for the nation, little is spoken of this subject in the media, even as Republicans and Democrats gear up for an upcoming Presidential election. To the retired doctor, “there is virtually no debate on this issue.”

When Obama was just a candidate, Paul says, and the President’s authority to use military force was being debated during the election, Obama “promised to stop the wars.” But once he got to the White House, he failed to keep his promise and instead, added another war to the list.

Ron Paul continues:

Restraining leaders from going to war was a big issue during our revolution. The king (today our king is the President) can’t go to war without the consent of the people through the legislative branch. We may have a long way to go, but the majority of the American people agree that we should not go to war so carelessly.”

Do you think Congress should take action against the President’s illegal Iraq and Syria war? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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