Rand Paul Fight Song ‘Randwagon’ Attacks Media Blackout

November 9, 2015—The Rand Paul Media Black-Out continues. Where is the outrage? Does Rand Paul not have a voice?

Yes, he does, and we have a new fight song! Rand Paul’s new hard rock fight song “RANDWAGON”‘s lyrics are true, as the lyrics have to do with the mainstream media blackout of Rand, even exposing Fox News for their poll-blocking tricks!

What would rand-good-poll-901the polls’ true outcomes be if Rand were always included? Ultimately, #RANDSLIDES!

“We need a Randslide, a landslide, a Randslide! Fight! Fight! Fight!”

You should get a nice work-out listening to the Rand Paul song!

OK, Rand Paul fans! Help defeat the Washington machine, and share Rand’s song! Stop preaching to the choir and get this out! Ron Paul told us the media black-out is happening. It’s up to us to stop it!

The new song is available for free downloads at http://soundcloud.com/Mona-Lidji-Fishman

As always, I am a grassroots supporter, and do not speak on behalf of the Rand Paul campaign.

Have you seen other creative ways to support Rand Paul? Comment below!

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