Rand Paul Motions for a Declaration of War

November 15, 2015—“Conservatives are mad at him [Obama] about immigration. And they’re mad about him using executive authority on Obamacare,” Mr. Paul said. “But this is another example where he doesn’t have much respect for Congress, and some conservatives don’t quite get that.”

Rand Paul reminds us paul_wide-91d20d1a5062ef716450d08bf31b82d4b2edd056-s1600-c85-e1447615424575how our government is suppose to work. Due to the recent terrorist attack in Paris, the media is abuzz with headlines of ISIS and terrorism. And there are certainly many Americans concerned about something happening here at home now. And that’s completely understandable.

Many more might even express concerns about how this could have been avoided.

Now the actual threat of danger to national security and the lives of innocent Americans is at risk of happening here. But do you know why most Americans aren’t worried if it does now that it might actually happen? Because we have guns. And many Americans, including veterans of various foreign wars, are well-versed in how to use guns. We even let our children play games like Call of Duty.

But many more Americans would prefer that we not have a war here in our backyards and neighborhoods. We don’t want that. No one does. We know what it will do to our cities and our schools and even our homes. We know what it will do to our children. If we must fight, it is better to fight it over there rather than over here.

So, Rand Paul has called to our attention and reminded us what actions we should take. The Constitution gives Congress the authority to declare war. And we already have the tools we need to fight international terrorism left over from George W. Bush’s presidency. Democrats and Republicans came together like brothers and sisters after the events of 9/11. Are we just going to twiddle our thumbs? Are we going to let the Russians beat us? Is the Islamic State not evil? How could recent events have happened if we’ve been winning a war against ISIS for the past four years?

Both Rand Paul and his father, former Representative of Texas, Dr. Ron Paul, have stated that if we are going to fight this evil we are facing then we must declare war and make sure we go in, get the job done, and get out. But as we all know, the war on terror is not an actual war. Even the New York Times points out that our nation has not issued a formal declaration of war since World War Two.

If Congress actually issues a formal declaration of war against ISIS, since Russia is already in Syria and France will be as well (with the EU sure to follow), would this become World World Three?

Some might argue that Rand Paul is proving himself to be just another neocon, establishment puppet like all the other bought-and-paid-for politicians running Washington. However, this action to have Congress formally declare war, to be the ones to tell the President what to do, will us which currently seated Senators and Representatives must be pruned in the next election. France is now going to war against ISIS in Syria. Russia is already there. There is an international crisis occurring right now. And it is more of a threat to us now then it has ever been. And we were warned.

This recent move, bold as it is, from a Constitutional “power of the purse” kind of way, could be his way of revealing who the real war-hungry are among his GOP and Democrat peers. The Democratic Party has been highly criticized, but much like the GOP that goes without saying. Rand Paul’s trans-partisanship (the opposite of “bipartisanship”) will help people know who the real pro-Constitution peacemakers are. If a formal declaration of war against ISIS were to be put to a vote by Congress, how many do you think will promote peace over war during the talks? Who will stand up and demand that if we do this then we must have a solid plan, a stated purpose and mission. We end ISIS once and for all and bring peace to all sides. Because if we go into this, we’ve got France and Russia to try and work with peacefully. How well has that been going with just Russia?

Do you want war? If you want war, then we must adhere to the rules of war that The United States Constitution specifies! Its bad when people don’t listen to you when you warn them about these kind of dangers. They see a sign that says “wet pet” but they still have to touch and see for themselves. Which makes it all so much more worse because no one likes being the one that says: “I told you so.”

Maybe now Obama will lose his Nobel Peace Prize! You know them French, they took away one American’s “hard-earned” medals that he’d won from a European-based organization. Maybe they’ll finally do it for the right reason this time. Because what does that say when Obama, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, receives a declaration of war against ISIS from Congress? The House and Senate are both in support of a declaration of war, what would Obama do?

Do you think Congress should declare war or impeach Obama? Comment below!

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