Christian Attacked For ‘Looking Muslim’ and Other Stupid Stories

November 18, 2015—Following Friday’s Paris attacks, three separate instances of anti-Muslim attacks took place across America.

Two of the incidents happened Sunday. First, in North Carolina, an Uber driver who is Christian was mistaken for a Muslim, because he has brown skin, and consequentially, he suffered physical attacks and a death threat from his passenger. Samson Woldemichael, an Ethiopian Christian who immigrated to the US in 2003, was nearly knocked out by the relentless blows to his head as he drove. From The Independent:

“’He was saying he would shoot me and he was acting like he’s hiding his hand in his back, so he was acting like he was armed,’ said Mr Woldemichael, who drove away at that point and called the police. ‘There are people who are not originally from here but who are really Americans in their hearts,’ he said. ‘They love the system. They love the country and they want to protect the system here.’”

In Connecticut, the FBI is investigating a shooting that damaged a mosque, and though the bullets traveled through multiple walls of the mosque, fortunately no one was injured.

The third story, possibly the most absurd, comes from Colorado and happened over the weekend. Isis Books and Gifts is a store named after an Egyptian goddess, but even its new age values weren’t enough to differentiate itself from the Islamic State. A stone was thrown, breaking an Isis sign outside the 35-year-old bookstore.

“We’re about peace. We’re about healing. We’re about people finding their own spiritual power, and to have someone throw rocks at us — how would it make you feel?” Isis owner Karen Charbonau-Harrison told Denver7.

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