Ron Paul Slams Donald Trump Over Collectivist Comments


November 20, 2015—The most notorious Republican presidential frontrunners, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush, or the so-called top conservatives in the race, are out of their minds, says Dr. Ron Paul. Especially after the Paris attacks.

In response to the brutal killings of innocents in the city of light, these presidential hopefuls made some malicious and, at times, harsh comments that sound like nothing but sheer ignorance. In his latest MythBusters! video for Liberty Report, Ron Paul talks to Liberty Report editor Chris Rossini and discusses the top conservatives’ claims regarding Muslims, terrorism, and other hot topics of the day.

In the aftermath of Paris, Trump said “We have absolutely no choice but to close mosques after Paris.” He continued:

“We’re gonna have to do things that we’ve never done before, and some people are gonna be upset about it. But I think that now everybody’s feeling that security is going to rule. And certain things will be done that we never thought would happen in this country in terms of information and learning about the enemy. And so we’re going to have to do certain things that were frankly unthinkable a year ago.”

To Dr. Paul, the scariest thing about Trump’s comments is that he gains points with the public when he makes misguided statements.

Paul said:

“That’s scary, to think that he has these views and that he’s a prominent figure. But what is more scary is the fact that he gains in popularity when he says these things. … That tells you something about the Republican primary, it tells you something about the country. That part is very scary. But his whole theme is based on some serious flaws in his thinking, first he endorses the concept that safety is achieved by giving up liberty and that is not a problem. Maybe a certain group will have to give up their liberty, but he does not concern himself about the sacrifice of liberty in order to be safe.”

When Paul went to college campuses to talk to young Americans during his last two presidential campaigns, he got the most applause when he reminded the public they should never give up liberty in the same of safety. But now, the roles are reversed and Trump is becoming more popular by advocating for less liberty in the name of security.

To Paul, rounding up all Muslims in the country and closing their mosques because a handful of Muslims did something wrong is insanity. The danger is not the religion, Paul said, there’s no evidence to support that. The problem is our foreign policy. And Trump, Bush, Ben Carson, and many others in the Republican party are simply incapable of seeing it.

“In our inner cities,” Paul said, “we’re killing 45 people a day.” “There’s no concern about the people that are getting murdered in our inner cities,” so why are Republican candidates participating in the terror hysteria while ignoring what is going on in their own country?

While Paul admits we should be concerned about terrorism at home, especially when we understand that US foreign policy is part of the problem, he also urges us to learn more about the root of terror. He also reminds us that rights are individual, not collective:

“You should not give privileges to groups, and you shouldn’t punish groups. And you should never sacrifice liberty because you think you’re going to be safer. That is not the prime purpose of government. In our system, at least! The purpose … is the government exists to protect our liberties.”

Watch the entire MythBusters! segment for more on foreign policy and why Ron Paul now agrees with Paul Krugman on something:

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