Meet Jen Briney, a True Congressional Watchdog!

December 11, 2015—Recently, Lions of Liberty’s Marc Clair spoke with the host of the “Congressional Dish” podcast, Jen Briney!

Jen Briney tells us how she went from being relatively apolitical to starting to question things while living in Germany during the Iraq War, and years later sprung into action after viewing a shocking admission from a Congressman on C-Span.

Marc and Jen discuss just what those Congress critters have been up to lately, including the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and whether it’s really about “free trade,” and an interesting bill which ties in all the way back to the 2001 Anthrax attacks.

Marc and Jen look at Hillary Clinton’s claim to be a “woman of the people” funded by small donors, and discuss whether or not the recent Cyber Security Bill passed in Congress really makes our private information more secure. All this and more in the latest Lions of Liberty Podcast!

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