Woman Firefighter Expected to Get Free Pass on Test Failures

Peter_Stehlik_-_FDNY_Rescue_1_-_2012December 28, 2015—“She’ll graduate,
no question,” an New York City firefighter told the New York Post. “The department does­n’t want another black eye.”

Wendy Tapia, 34, graduated the Fire Academy in 2013, despite the fact she couldn’t pass the running test. It was the United Women Firefighters, a local group, that pressured the department to let her graduate anyway, promising she’d eventually pass the physical requirements. Nearly three years later, she’s failed it six times, but will began an 18-week training academy this week.

Some believe she’ll get special treatment since FDNY recently paid $98 million over a federal lawsuit regarding discrimination against ­minorities applying for firefighter positions. Out of 10,500 FDNY firefighters, just 49 of them are female.

Why do you think political correctness is such a big deal in firefighting? Would you have second thoughts seeing a woman firefighter? Comment below!

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