How Real Are Ted Cruz’s Libertarians?: Lions of Liberty Podcast

Originally hosted at Lions of Liberty

January 18, 2016—The Lions of Liberty have a special treat for liberty lovers this week as Marc and Brian delve into what some controversially consider the top “liberty” candidate in the 2016 presidential race: Ted Cruz.

Yes, that Ted Cruz, who has garnered some curious support from the liberty sector. Is that support deserved? Brian and Marc will break down Cruz’ positions, his actions in the Senate and in the debates plus look at his history and make their definitive judgments. Is Ted “Cruzin” or “Bruisin?” And an even better question: should they have called this podcast “Cruz Control?” The world may never know.

**As of the recording of this podcast Rand’s “Audit the Fed” bill had not been voted upon. As of yesterday, the bill failed, no thanks to Ted Cruz who missed the vote completely so he could campaign in NH. It seems his dedication to fighting one of the higher priority battles for libertarians falls well below his dedication for furthering his own political career.

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