From Drug War Officer to Drug War Opponent: Podcast Interview

Originally published at Lions of Liberty

January 25, 2016—In this week’s episode, John Odermatt welcomes Regina Hufnagel from the non-profit group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, better known as LEAP. Regina shares what first motivated her to pursue a career in the criminal justice field and how she grew frustrated after seeing daily cases of injustice during her former career as a correctional officer.

Instead of ignoring the problems rampant in the criminal justice system, she has stepped out as an outspoken advocate for change. Regina shares what lead her to LEAP and describes some of the tactics LEAP is utilizing to pursue their stated goal of ending the War on Drugs altogether. Finally, John and Regina discuss how education of the public on the injustice and immorality created by the Drug War is the key to building a foundation that will lead to an end to the War on Drugs.

LEAP is an excellent organization that is doing essential work for the cause of individual liberty. There are so many ways to help with getting the message out, please take some time to peruse the website and see where your talents could be utilized, you don’t need to be a former law enforcement agent in order to work with LEAP.

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