Ron Paul: All Congress Wants Is to Give Obama More Power


January 26, 2016—Something happened last Friday in Washington that did not please Dr. Ron Paul. And no, it has nothing to do with the “Snowzilla.”

For his latest Liberty Report video, Dr. Paul sat with Daniel McAdams to discuss Congress and its failure to follow the constitution.

At the opening of the video, the former congressman explains that “not to our great surprise, significant events can happen at the end of the legislative day or in the middle of a snow storm.” And on Friday, “something did, significantly happen, and fortunately it got a little bit of publication in the media.”

While publicity doesn’t mean “they are on the right side of this issue,” Ron Paul explains, it might just mean that talking heads are simply “pumping it up,” something libertarians like Paul may see as a concern.

“What the great Senate leader, Republican leader has done,” Paul told McAdams, is somewhat suspicious. He continued:

“He’s never been on the side of liberty so you have to be suspicious of what he’s up to. And he certainly isn’t anywhere close to us in foreign policy. What he did was, he introduced a resolution, a joint resolution with the House [of Representatives] to give more power to the president. Authority to use military force!”

While America has been debating on whether Congress should act on passing a war resolution for quite some time, discussions are still clouded by politicians and their agendas.

“This debate has been going on for a year,” he said. While “some people use the constitution,” Paul indicated, that only happened “in the old days.” Others “use the authority to go to war from 2001, directed mainly at al Qaeda, the part that committed the crime against us on 9/11,” and “others unfortunately just do what they want anyway, they don’t care about this.”

“You have people saying one thing, and then offering legislation on another thing, so it’s really a mess.”

Paul also explained that Congress often refers to the invasion of Iraq to find a justification to “militarize the world and go anywhere they want, including the United States, if there’s a suggestion you have any relationship, at all, maybe a phone call, who knows what, with ISIS, but this to me is a bit of a farce.”

Instead of simply taking apart the pro-war arguments, Paul used his video discussion to get to the bottom of the issue, so the idea of expanding executive authority with the help of Congress can be dissected thoroughly. Something you won’t see any other news outlet doing.

For more on what Paul has to say on Sen. Mitch McConnell’s decision to expand the president’s power, watch the video below:

Do you think McConnell is working against the American people when he suggests we should expand the president’s power? Share your thoughts with us!

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