The Debunked Gender Wage Gap Myth Behind Obama’s Latest Diktat

January 29, 2016—President Barack Obama usurped more executive power today. His latest diktat: businesses of 100 employees or more must report to the feds not only how much each person is paid, but also their ethnicity, gender, and race. All because of a misleading “gender wage gap” statistic, that in 2014, women earned 79 percent of what men earned in full-time work.

The kingly ruling will affect over 63 million employees. Obama also urged Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, forcing employers to prove their innocence against presumed guilt over alleged pay discrimination. If that wasn’t enough, the White House will host “The United State of Women” in May. That sounds fun.

What’s more fun (and true) are the following debunkings of the ridiculous feminist myth known as the gender wage gap:

Do you think most people believe the gender wage gap myth? Comment below!


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