Why Bernie is Right and Hillary is Wrong on Health Care

February 2, 2016—Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, finds that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with a logical vision for the inevitable reform of Obamacare.

With the electoral hill_bernie-350x196.jpgdeadlock in the Iowa caucuses between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the issue of socialized medicine is certain to come to the forefront. Clinton says, ‘Let’s just settle for Obamacare,’ and Sanders says, ‘No, we need single payer socialized medicine.’ Actually, Clinton’s got it wrong.

You can’t settle for Obamacare, because Obamacare is inevitably going to lead to more health care crises. That’s what partial socialism and interventionism do. They produce crises which then lead to further interventions, so we end up with what Sanders wants anyway, which is a full socialized health care system much like they have in Cuba.

Unfortunately, you can’t look to any of the Republican candidates for help, because while they argue and debate incessantly over whether Obamacare should be repealed, they all are ardent believers of Medicare and Medicaid, which are the root causes the health care crisis. That’s what ultimately led to Obamacare, so getting rid of Obamacare as the Republican candidates want to do, isn’t going to do anything, because you’re still going to be left with a crisis that’s going to lead to more interventions and ultimately to full socialism.

There’s really only one solution to this. America once had the greatest health care system in the world, a free market system. That’s what we need again, and the only way to achieve that is not only to get rid of Obamacare, but also to repeal Medicare and Medicaid, and in fact, get rid of all government involvement in health care. A total separation of health care and the state, the same way our ancestors had the wisdom to separate church and state.

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