Ron Paul & Karen Kwiatkowski: Military Draft & Equal Slavery

February 11, 2016—Now that women have been cleared to fill all military combat roles, groups want to force them to do what men have traditionally been obliged to do: register for the draft when they turn 18. To Dr. Ron Paul, this so-called triumph for equality is nothing but an illusion of justice.

For his latest Liberty Report, Dr. Paul talked to Karen Kwiatkowski, a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel. They discussed the latest news concerning the push to force women to register for the draft as well as their presence in the military. Is there a “proper” role for women in combat?

Forcing women to have equal rights when the draft is concerned, Paul said, is like forcing them to be equal in slavery. “Some people now think it’s proper to have equal rights by punishing women equally like they punish men,” he told his guest.

To Kwiatkowski, some tough questions must be answered before we even discuss what the role of women in the military should or should not be:

“You have two things, you don’t want to deny women the opportunity to be all that they can be, … but at the same time, what is our military really doing and what is its function? What I saw and one of the conclusions that I think I’ve come to is that our military is just a vast bureaucracy, it is a playground for social policy. Immigration happened in the 50s first in the military. It is a tool of policy makers.”

To Kwiatkowski, the real question we should be tackling before discussing women’s rights is: “What is the real function of any country’s military?” If defense is the answer, Kwiatkowski said, how come our military doesn’t do it?

Instead, she told Paul, our military “does offense, it does intrigue, it conducts social policy domestically and abroad, but it doesn’t do defense, so you can’t really argue that women are defending their country if they are in the military.”

To critics of the new push to force women to register, the draft is “worse than slavery.” When asked to discuss whether she agrees with that argument, Kwiatkowski said she agreed, arguing that the draft is a violation of the 13th amendment.

When discussing his time as a congressman, Dr. Paul told Kwiatkowski that he often refused to go to top secret briefings every time the US military got involved in another adventure abroad, because he didn’t care to hear their propaganda. After all, Ron Paul knew that they would never tell them anything that really mattered. He also talked about how his friend Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) had a similar approach to these meetings later once he learned he had been “lied into war.”

For the entire interview, watch the video below:

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