Dem and GOP Debate Reactions: Lions of Liberty Podcast

February 16, 2016—Today’s episode of the Lions of Liberty podcast is a bit longer than previous debate reaction shows, because it covers both the Democratic AND Republican debates. The gang split into two crews to cover the debate shenanigans. Your “shining beacon of liberty” Marc Clair hosts the Democratic portion. He is joined by Lions of Liberty legal counsel “Rico” and the man affectionately known as the “Godfather” Howard Snowdon.

The GOP reaction portion of the podcast starts at 39:19 and is hosted by Felony Friday’s John Odermatt. He is joined by everyone’s favorite Frenchman J.B. Lubin and Brian McWilliams, who made his triumphant return to podcasting after a brief hiatus while recovering from back surgery.

What we talked about: 

– On the Democrat side, the gang pointed out that overall there was no substantial policy differences between Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. In fact, it appeared that Clinton went out of her way to agree with Bernie, except to say that the government has “limits,” which is a very strange thing to hear Hillary Clinton say.

– The GOP crew reviewed by far the most rowdy and volatile debate to this point, which is saying something. Everyone agreed that Trump was taking shots at everyone on stage tonight, save Ben Carson, but they were unsure how his aggressive attacks would be received by the electorate, especially in South Carolina.

All this and more on the latest Debate Reaction Show brought to you by the Lions of Liberty. Full show notes can be found at

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