What the Founders Would Say About the Loss of Privacy

February 16, 2016—It was not just a word, or just a slogan. To our Founding Fathers, Liberty was something for which they risked their treasure and even their lives.

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snowdencollageThomas Jefferson often stated his concern that there is a natural progress of government to gain ground and Liberty to yield it. Benjamin Franklin famously warned that anyone who would trade a little less Liberty for a little more security deserves neither. And Thomas Paine notoriously cried out to give him Liberty or give him death! And there are similar striking quotes from Madison, Adams, Washington, Hamilton, Morris and all the others.

Big Government trades on keeping us in fear as a justification for encroaching upon our Liberty.

Be truthful with yourself: did it really have an impact on you when Edward Snowden revealed that our government routinely was accessing our bank account and cell phone information? What would our Founding Fathers say about those encroachments on our Liberty—or about us for tolerating them?

Of course there are bad people in our world who desire to do bad things to good people. But federal judges are not wimps. They also are concerned about our security, and if presented with a sworn declaration that is even close to providing probable cause in a serious situation they will surely sign a search warrant.

But that procedure is critical in keeping government’s intrusions under proper control. Do you believe that requiring us to show a driver’s license before entering a large office building or taking our shoes off before getting on an airplane actually makes us safer? Will these things really stop any bad guys? Actually, for the most part they are only intended to make us think we are safer. What do the presidential candidates you are supporting feel about these issues?

Those are important questions to ask and important answers to consider.

Will you pay closer attention to privacy issues this election cycle? Share your thoughts with us.

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