If LBRY Succeeds, Humanity Wins: CEO on Lions of Liberty Podcast

February 17, 2016—Lions of Liberty’s Marc Clair recently interviewed LBRY ((pronounced “Library”) founder and CEO Jeremy Kauffman. In this concise conversation, Marc and Jeremy cover everything you need to know about LBRY in accessible, non-tech-geek language. From the basics of Bitcoin and the blockchain to the trouble with corporate media monopolies, Kauffman explains LBRY from the ground up.

Kauffman doesn’t shy away from the tough questions Clair asked concerning questionable content on LBRY, the use of the Nobel Prize-winning Coase Theorem to design LBRY’s naming system, and who the real losers are if LBRY succeeds.

From the Lions of Liberty website, Marc Clair writes:

LBRY is a brand new way for people to share content with each other utilizing block chain technology, similar to how Bitcoin functions. Before we get into the nerdy details, Jeremy explains how he first became interested in political ideas – first through receiving some unsatisfactory answers to questions posed to his schoolteachers, and later through the writings of leftist antiwar writer Howard Zinn. Jeremy lays out the genesis for the concept of LBRY – what motivated it’s creation, and what the goals are with the project. Marc and Jeremy explore the implications of LBRY, who will benefit from it, and examine the implications for those trying to rectify the intellectual property debate within libertarian circles.

I can admit, I went into this interview somewhat blind to how this really works, and left with a much better understanding. I’m sure our listeners will as well! And the intellectual property implications may not be what you’d think!

For full show notes, head over to Lions of Liberty!

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