The 2016 Debate Over ‘Big Government’ is a Big Joke

February 17, 2016—Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, finds the presidential debate over big government laughable.

comedy-157719_960_720-e1455735029625.pngYou know, there’s been a lot of funny parts to this presidential campaign. but one of the most hilarious aspects has been the battle over big government between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Sanders wants to have free tuition in college for everyone, free health care for everyone, just like they have in Cuba by the way.

And Hillary believes in all these things too, but then she starts talking like a conservative and says, ‘we have to conserve what we have, but how do you expect to pay for these new big government grandiose programs, Bernie?’ Of course, then Bernie responds, ‘Well, you found $3 trillion to fund your warfare state war in Iraq. If we can find that kind of money, we can find it again.’

And of course over on the Republican side, every candidate there is practically foaming at the mouth, just dreaming of the opportunity to go and kill and bomb and destroy more people in the Middle East. It’s like we’re being squeezed in a vice between these two parties. Think of it like being in college, where the Democrats are majoring in welfare and minoring in warfare, and the Republicans are majoring in warfare and minoring in welfare.

Anyway, it’s funny to watch all these people get all excited and thrilled and upset over their respective candidate. Totally oblivious of course to the fact that all of this out of control spending, debt, death and destruction cannot end well.

Are Republicans just promoting their own version of socialism? Comment below!


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