Ron Paul: Leave Apple Alone


February 18, 2016—Apple CEO Tim Cook was both praised and harshly criticized for standing up to the federal government recently.

In a letter published on Apple’s website, Cook explains that the FBI asked Cook’s team to create a backdoor to the iPhone that belonged to the San Bernardino terrorists. But if Cook were to do what the FBI asked, he explained in the letter, other smartphones would be in great danger, considering that the creation of a crack in the encryption of any smartphone would give hackers and government officials access to anybody’s phone data.

To Dr. Ron Paul, Tim Cook acted the way he should have, putting his customers’ security before the requests of the US government.

In his latest Liberty Report, Dr. Paul talks to Daniel McAdams about Cook’s decision to stand up to the government and what it means to our privacy.

He begins by explaining that there are two sides debating this issue. Some “people say, ‘well, our privacy should be protected, we should be allowed to do it,'” Paul tells McAdams, but “the hawks, you know, the Tom Cottons of the world, they say that we have to do this [create a backdoor], and ‘why should the privacy of a dead terrorist mean anything at all?’ Well maybe it has something to do with the constitutional rights of everybody else!”

Shortly after Paul’s introduction, McAdams gets into the details of the FBI’s plan and why Tim Cook is right to say no to the Feds:

“The issue at stake, at least on the surface, is the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters, … this iPhone features new technology that Apple has designed that will, well, you have a four-digit passcode to allow you to get into the phone, but you get ten tries to get that right. After ten tries, the phone will erase all the data. It s a very interesting security technique that they’ve put into it. So the FBI is worried about trying to guess the four numbers, because I guess there are ten thousand possibilities with four numbers so what the FBI is demanding Apple to do is write a new piece of software that will remove that ten try wipeout feature. So, essentially, what they are doing is allowing a backdoor by removing the security that has been provided to the phone.”

Ron Paul responds:

“Well, that sounds like another mandate! We have mandates in the tax code, we have mandates on how we buy our medical care… Authoritarians like mandates, that’s big government. Anybody that wants big government, they don’t care much about liberty. Some people even refer to this as conscription. Conscripting Apple to make them do something they don’t have to enhance law enforcement. Of course, the real question is: Is this going to do any good? And that’s what I have a lot of questions about.”

Paul has advocated for the end of the FBI and CIA in the past. Watch the clip:

To watch the entire conversation between Paul and McAdams and learn more about why Paul believes the FBI’s request sets a terrible precedent, watch the video below:

Do you believe Apple’s Tim Cook did the right thing? Share your thoughts with us!

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