Ron Paul: What to Expect From the Syria Ceasefire

February 23, 2016—For the latest Liberty Report, Dr. Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss the Syria ceasefire deal and what it means to the countries involved.

Paul starts the show by discussing an article McAdams wrote on the ceasefire. The write-up asks whether the Syria ceasefire will end the war or lead to a nuclear exchange.

Ron Paul begins by explaining how the ceasefire came to be and why it’s important to analyze the parties involved and their agendas:

“There are a lot of groups involved, and they have been having negotiations, and the plan is to have a ceasefire, something we should cheer, or at least encourage, but we want to do it realistically. And [these groups] have been talking for quite a while and it turns out that the US inability to get rid of Assad and their lack of success [have prompted] them to want to talk to the Russians, who have been dealing a blow to ISIS and have helped out salvage and save Assad. …

This is gonna come up on Saturday but to me the most interesting thing about the talks is who was there.

You can name all of the groups, if you know all their names, but I was more fascinated with who didn’t appear. The government of Syria didn’t appear, which is interesting, it might be a strategic thing. Turkey wasn’t participating, … Saudi Arabia, which is agitating for the overthrow of Assad, they weren’t involved, and of course, the Kurds are very important and they weren’t involved!

So who really is doing the negotiation?”

As hawks argue that the Russians will never honor their agreement, Paul says we should have “at least a little hope” that this ceasefire “might lead to something good.”

Will the dangerous ambiguities in the agreement be resolved before the ceasefire takes place? Watch the video below for the full discussion.

Are you hopeful that the Syria ceasefire will lead to something good? Let us know what you think!

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