A President Trump Might Put Judge Napolitano on the Supreme Court

judge_trump.jpgMarch 3, 2016—Estranged Donald Trump lobbyist and well-rounded political animal Roger Stone named Judge Andrew Napolitano as “probably Trump’s number one pick for the US Supreme Court” on the radio program The Power Hour on Tuesday.

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The audio is available thanks to the perpetual leftist freakout machine, Media Matters:

Judge Napolitano, as senior judicial analyst for Fox News, has acknowledged actually having a “financial relationship” with Trump dating back years. Though he has not quite gone as far as to endorse Trump, he has been “overwhelmed” by the campaign.

“[Trump]’s got his thumb in the establishment’s eye,” Judge Napolitano said in a video commentary for Fox News. “As someone who likes to see the establishment on the rope from time to time, I say, ‘Go Donald.’ I don’t agree with him on many issues. I’m a libertarian; he’s an authoritarian, but he’s stirring the pot, and that’s great.”

Judge Napolitano has also called Trump’s plan to deport all illegal immigrants “impractical” and “unconstitutional” if it means bypassing their right to deportation hearings which cost taxpayers millions.

Roger Stone added in his interview that Judge Napolitano “would probably go down as one of our greatest justices.”

He probably would. But could a self-non-professed anarchist make it to the Supreme Court?

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