Al-Qaeda Still Seizing US Weapons From Syrian ‘Moderate Rebels’

FSA_rebels_cleaning_their_AK47s-350x196.jpgMarch 14, 2016—The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported a change in hands of bases and US weapons after the al-Qaeda branch Nusra Front defeated the US-backed 13th Division “moderate rebels” in Saturday-Sunday overnight fighting in the northwestern province of Idlib, according to Reuters.

Nusra Front captured several 13th Division fighters and US-made anti-tank missiles along with the bases. Nusra has benefited from US intervention for quite a while, as reports:

“Nusra Front fighters have often taken part in offensives alongside other rebel groups. But they have also fought them for territory, defeating groups such as the Western-backed Syria Revolutionaries Front and the Hazzm group last year.”

The “moderate rebels” of the 13th Division tweeted about the attack, confirming their weapons were taken, while Nusra Front claimed they were the first to be attacked and were retaliating.

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