Economic Fascism: The Libertarian Angle

fascism_trump_2.jpgMarch 15, 2016—On this episode of The Libertarian Angle, Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling of the Future of Freedom Foundation take on fascism, a word everyone agrees represents something bad, yet still is a word most don’t completely understand.

“We hear a lot about socialism and we have for many years … But we very rarely hear about fascism,” Hornberger says. “So Richard and I thought this would be an interesting subject to bring up, because it’s being brought up in the context of Donald Trump’s campaign. People on the left, as well as people on the right, are saying that he has fascist proclivities, so what does that mean? Well, Richard, the way I look at it is that fascism sort of has a dimension that is not much different in principle from the socialist concept.”

Do you think America is inviting more fascism into the government? Comment below!

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