Ron Paul: Trump Wrong on China, Free Trade


March 18, 2016—For his latest Myth-Busters segment, Dr. Ron Paul and Chris Rossini discuss private property and voluntary trade. The bedrock of a peaceful and prosperous civilization.

When asked to comment on some of the presidential candidates and their uncivilized views on trade, Dr. Paul discusses Donald Trump’s comments on how America under his watch will “beat” China and other countries.

In the video, Paul says that Trump wants to “blame China” because that’s his answer to all problems. To Trump, Paul explains, if we’re doing something wrong and things are not going according to plan, it must be somebody else’s fault.

In many ways, Paul adds, cheap Chinese products have been a blessing to American consumers who cannot afford expensive competitors. So why not look at why American companies are not competitive instead of blaming China for all of our problems?

Instead of adding tariffs and other blockades, Ron Paul says that only free trade policies will make us great again.

“The founders understood this. They said that the more free trade the better off we’ll be and the less wars that we’ll have to fight.

And certainly in my lifetime, I especially remember the opening up of the trade doors with China, things are so much better off. [When I was in] high school, the Chinese and the Americans were killing each other, today we’re competing with each other, to each other’s benefit.

But one thing that I mentioned, that people forget about is China has retaliated by spending that money back here and buying our debt and keeping the system going. Immediately, that’s a benefit. Indirectly that’s part of the bubble system.”

Paul adds that people like Trump sense there is a problem, but the solution they have come up with is simply the wrong one.

Later in the video, Dr. Paul also discusses the “creeping Sharia law” myth that won’t die, the Supreme Court, the importance of the pricing system, President Ronald Reagan’s Working Group on Financial Markets, and whether Wall Street is truly evil.

Watch the whole thing below:

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