Judge Napolitano: Brussels Attack, Liberty and Surveillance

March 21, 2016—Judge Andrew Napolitano, senior judicial analyst for Fox News, provided unique insight into the terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium today. This past weekend, Brussels authorities nabbed Salah Abdeslam in connection to the November 13 Paris attacks, and Napolitano theorizes that Abdeslam may have been using the media, by way of his interrogators, to give a signal to those who attacked Belgium earlier today.

“This was a catastrophic mistake in which [Abdeslam] used them to send these signals out there,” Napolitano said. “Why, they even revealed that he told them he wants to sue whoever’s leaking about his interrogation.”

“He doesn’t want to sue them for this. He’s using them to get this information out there.”

Napolitano went on to warn of a new wave of government overreach, in the name of security, at the cost of liberty.

“When people are afraid, it’s human nature to lean more towards safety, more towards a belief that the government’s arms can keep us safe, rather than towards the idea of freedom,” Napolitano said. “So when these things happen, whether it’s in San Bernardino, California or whether this awful thing in Brussels this morning, you’ll hear calls for more surveillance and people will probably go along with it.”

“But before we do, one should think and realize that the Brussels police are unbridled in their ability to engage in surveillance. They don’t need an order from the FISA court, they don’t need a search warrant, they can just tap into any phone line they like and even they couldn’t stop this with all of that power,” he said, adding, “The powers they got this morning are the powers to break down doors and arrest without suspicion.”

Will the Brussels attack negatively impact individual liberty in America? Comment below!

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