4 States with Second Amendment Protection Bills in Need of Support

March 24, 2016—Shall Not, a Second Amendment activist group, has released a “special report” on legislation moving through Idaho, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Tennessee.

The Mississippi bill targets executive orders and other bureaucratic infringements, and it just passed a committee vote last week, putting it on track for a floor vote in the state senate, Shall Not reported.

The Idaho bill is just one step away from becoming law: being signed by the governor. Shall Not cited Gun Owners of America, another advocacy group, in describing the legislation. If it becomes law, Idahoans who are 21 or older and can legally own a gun will not be required to obtain a permit for concealed carry, but for the 18-20 crowd, they would have to complete designated training to carry in urban areas.

Tennessee is taking on international infringements. A state house committee passed a bill that “sets the foundation to reject and block enforcement of gun control by international law or treaty,” Shall Not reported.

“With Hillary Clinton being a big part of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, this kind of measure could prove to be extremely important in the coming years,” Shall Not added. Interestingly, the Tennessee bill was introduced by a Democrat, Rep. John Windle.

Rhode Island isn’t the first state people think of when it comes to defending the Second Amendment, but a House committee’s hearing this week focused on a version of the all-encompassing Second Amendment Preservation Act.

Would you like to see a Second Amendment Preservation Act in your state? Comment below!

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